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Madi and I moving her to Art School

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For so many women navigating a change in our lives is scary, because it doesn’t only affect us. When we leave our marriage, change careers, embrace our gifts, or start speaking up, it doesn’t just create change in our lives it also changes things for our children. This is often a reason we hold onto our current situation or avoid making the changes that we so desperately need to.

Our children so often are the teachers we need. On this episode of the When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains Podcast, I interview a very special guest, my daughter Madi. I wanted to share my awakening journey through her perspective to show you that not all change is negative.

In this episode we have an honest conversation about:

  • What it is like growing around a mother with depression and what it was like watching me awaken from this.
  • How my self-acceptance has helped her.
  • Madi shares her wisdom on why art and writing are so important.

This interview was such a proud Mama moment for me, to witness firsthand the powerful, courageous young women I had the honour of raising.

You will get tingles…


As an Archetype Mentor, I help Midlife Mums of tween and teen girls who are navigating change in their lives. So that you as a Mum can have more choice, freedom and possibilities to create the life that YOU want.

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When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains by Tanya Valentin


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