Tanya Valentin Author of When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - What is a Spiritual Awakening

One of the top questions I get asked about my book or podcast is, “What is a Spiritual Awakening and how do I know if I am having one?”

This is often followed by, “What is the difference between a Spiritual Awakening and a Midlife Crisis?”

And so I thought that I would write a blog to answer these questions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is entirely from my experience. I am respectful of other people’s truths and experiences with spirituality.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

Many people upon hearing the word ‘Spiritual Awakening’ conjure up images of Buddhist monks, psychics or Wicca. They may think that a spiritual awakening is reserved for a select group of people such as people who are devoutly religious. However, regardless of our religious beliefs, we are all capable of and do experience awakenings at various stages of our lives.

According to the author and Toltec teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz,

“As children we didn’t have the opportunity to choose our beliefs, but we agreed with the information that was passed to us from the dream of the planet via other humans.  The only way to store information is by agreement.  The outside dream may hook our attention, but if we don’t agree we don’t store the information.  As soon as we agree we believe and this is called faith. To have faith is to believe unconditionally.  That’s how we learn as children.  Children believe everything adults say.  We agree with them, and our faith is so strong that the belief system controls the whole dream of life.”

Don Miguel Ruiz

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Tanya Valentin Author of When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - What is a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening refers to the process of ‘waking’ from this humdrum dream of the planet. As we awaken we are invited to step back, reflect on and re-evaluate the agreements that we have agreed to as well as how we make sense of who we are in the world. This process is sometimes referred to as returning to your true self or developing a higher state of consciousness.

Spiritual Growth refers to the process of shedding the layers of beliefs, thoughts and agreements inherited from our cultural programming. It entails becoming more conscious of our inner spiritual world and our place in the wider universe.

What Is Spirituality?

Many people confuse spirituality and religion.

Religion is a dogma or a prescribed set of organised beliefs, creeds and practices usually practised by a group or a community of people.

Spirituality is about yourself. It is about your relationship with yourself. Spirituality encompasses how you make meaning of the world, your sense of peace, and purpose and how you fit into the wider universe.

Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.

Brene Brown

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When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains by Tanya Valentin - What is a spiritual awakening

What Causes A Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakenings can happen to us at various stages of our lives. Awakenings are often triggered by life-altering traumas such as pandemics, the death of a loved one, our children leaving home or losing our job.

Our spiritual awakening may also be ‘spontaneous’ or triggered by something completely mundane.

We often do more of this questioning, ‘shedding’ and redefining who we are at various stages of our life.

Tanya Valentin Author of When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - What is a Spiritual Awakening

In her book Hormone Repair Manual – Every Woman’s Guide to Healthy Hormones after 40, Naturopath Lara Briden, talks about the ‘menopausal upgrade’ all women go through.

The Japanese word for menopause is konenki, which translates as ‘renewal years’ or ‘energy’. And if there is an energy upgrade at menopause, it surely stems from the resurgence of the girl within, a phenomenon that appwers to span the boundaries of culture. For example, in a study of women from the traditional Chichimila culture of the Yucatan in Mexico, anthropologist Yewoubdar Beyene observed that many women reported feeling ‘young and free’ with menopause because it meant that they could return to the stage of life before the burdens and restrictions of their reproductive years.

Lara Briden

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For many women, the changes to our brains, bodies and hormones that occur in our middle years can activate powerful changes in us. Things that may have seemed important to us lose their value and we experience a shift in our values and priorities. Many women in midlife experience a shift in how they see themselves and the roles they play in other people’s lives. This is could explain why spiritual awakenings are often associated with the term ‘midlife crisis’.

I believe that your midlife spiritual awakening is the start of your Queen’s Journey. The Queen’s Journey represents a woman’s transition from an asleep, powerless damsel or selfless mother living by the rules of who other people think she is to a fully awake, confident, Sovereign Queen of her own life.

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Tanya Valentin - When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains Book

We are offered natural invitations throughout our lifespan that trigger us to pause, evaluate, change our previously held beliefs, thoughts and behaviours and evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Life is a constant flow of discovery, creation and unfolding. We are constantly awakening to new parts of who are as we outgrow and let go of old versions of ourselves that no longer serve us.

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Awakening Invitations Could Include:

  • Early Childhood – This is a period where a baby recognises that they are a separate person from their parents. They test the boundaries of who they are and how they fit in the world. This is an important time in a person’s life as this shapes our identity, our belief system, and our sense of self-worth.
  • Teenagerhood – The shift to the stage of adolescence causes us to see our parents as fallible human beings. During this stage of our lives, our peers become vitally important to us as we are challenged to think about how we fit in our wider culture. This is a confusing, hormone-fuelled and emotion-filled time of shedding old beliefs, exerting our independence and reinventing who we are as individuals outside of our family unit.
  • Early Adulthood – During this initiation into the adult domain, we begin to recognise that we are responsible for our own lives and decisions. The illusions of childhood start to fade away and we define who we are and how we fit in the new role of ‘adult’.
  • Parenthood – The activation of our Mother archetype is yet another stage of transition as we shift our perception from being egocentric to caring for our young children. Many women start to question their identity as we start to identify with the struggles of our parents. We might question how we were parented and develop new beliefs and strategies for mothering our children, which are different to how our parents did it. Motherhood is often a call for us to heal old wounds from our childhood and to mother ourselves.
  • Midlife – As our children start to pull away and enter their teenage years, our focus shifts back to ourselves. This “second puberty” is a powerful invitation to us to shed the weight of others’ expectations and allow ourselves to meet our own needs. Many women feel a deep yearning to return to their true selves – the self they were before they were a parent. We can become filled with a sense of urgency as we start to pay attention to our natural biological clock and cycles. Midlife is a stage of reinvention. We may change careers, pursue new interests, spiritual practices, and passions or rediscover long forgotten ones. Our relationships may experience a shake-up as we demand more out of our connections with others. Midlife is a time when we explore our existence, purpose, and the meaning of life (you know the simple stuff). It is also a time of emotional upheaval as we grieve past versions of ourselves or say farewell to versions of ourselves that we will never be.
  • Elderly Years – As we advance in years, we can experience a change in priorities. Things that seemed so important to our younger selves don’t seem to matter as much. Our Wise Woman archetype integrates our stories, and we start to see the value of our hard-won life lessons.

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When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains by Tanya Valentin - life stages for a spiritual awakening

Signs That You May Be Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

Here are some of the signs that you may be on an Awakening journey.

  • You feel stuck, emotional, depressed, dissatisfied, confused, overwhelmed and detached as you reflect on, challenge and re-evaluate old agreements, beliefs and priorities.
  • Your relationships with yourself and others start to change and you start to recognise when others are being inauthentic or trying to control you.
  • You develop a stronger sense of self-worth and you are becoming more comfortable with creating and maintaining boundaries.
  • You are becoming less concerned with what others think of you.
  • You start to shift from feeling as if life is happening “to you” to life is happening “for you”.
  • You experience vivid dreams, synchronicities and de ja vu.
  • You have a newfound curiosity and become more interested in spirituality.
  • You start to experience “downloads” of inspiration and creativity.
  • You become more intuitive and you start to trust yourself and your decisions more.
  • You have empathy and compassion for others and their suffering and you recognise that everyone is on their own path.
  • You feel the pull to experience more time outdoors and out in nature.
  • You seek out solitude and start to become more comfortable with your own company.
  • You feel the awakening of psychic gifts in you.
  • You feel alone and wonder if you are the only one if feels as you do, or sees life the way that you do.
  • You have physical symptoms such as heightened senses, sleep disturbances or bodily sensations.
  • You develop a new worldview and start to see how we are all connected.
  • You want to be of service to others.

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Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.

Wayne Dyer

Over To You

Have you experienced or are you in the process of a Spiritual Awakening?

What has the experience been like for you?

Did you or are you experiencing any of the signs listed above?

Please let me know in the comments below.

As a Midlife Mentor for Women I support Soul-Led, Midlife Women who are on an awakening journey, to reconnect with and love the woman behind the roles, the responsibilities and the weight of the expectations of others.

I help you to unlearn the beliefs, behaviours and stories that no longer serve you so that you can live the next half of your life in a way feels true to who you authentically are as the Queen of your own life! 

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When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains by Tanya Valentin


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