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To me, nothing says Christmas like the image of Mary riding on the back of a donkey to Bethlem to give birth to baby Jesus. Our guest on this week’s podcast episode has a beautiful connection to a very special donkey – Flash, a stray donkey that appeared to her and her husband one cold night during a time of uncertainty and despair in their lives.

This chance encounter was the start of a beautiful spiritual journey for Rachel Anne Ridge, who decided to take a leap of faith and follow the path that had been laid out before her.  Through the mirror that was her relationship with Flash, Rachel started to develop her relationship with herself through a new perspective.  This lead to a career as an author of several books, a thriving career as an artist and a calling to coach other creative people to lead a life of purpose and joy.

Rachel Anne Ridge is an author, artist, speaker, and creative coach in Texas. Aided by a stray donkey who arrived on her doorstep and never left, Rachel boot-strapped her art and design business through the Great Recession in the US, all while raising a family and honing her story-telling gift. As an author and speaker, she delights audiences with humour and insight; as a creative coach she helps clients discover their passions, find their creative niches, and launch whole-hearted businesses. Mom to three adult children, and two rescue donkeys. Nana to five.

Find her online at rachelanneridge.com

Twitter: @rachelanneridge

IG: @rachelanneridge

FB: @rachelanneridgecreative

You can follow Flash and Henry:

IG: @flashandhenry

FB: @flashthedonkey

Twitter: @flashthedonkey


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