My Great Big Midlife Unlearning Your Emotions



Today on the show we chat about You and Your Emotions.  There are very few things in life more disempowering than overwhelming emotions. Throughout our lives, we receive so many confusing messages about ourselves and our emotions and what we are allowed or not allowed to feel.

You may have been told – “you are too sensitive” or “you are so emotional”.  And you may have taken this to believe that emotions are something to avoid or fear.  When we view our emotions as ‘bad’ we make parts of ourselves ‘bad’ disconnects us further from ourselves.

Here are some of the things we explore in this episode:

  • How our early relationships shape how we process our emotions.
  • Our meta-emotions philosophy and why you may need to unlearn it.
  • How we can use all of our emotions as important information to reconnect with ourselves, and what we need.

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