My Great Big Midlife Unlearning Unlearning The Selfless Mother Archetype And Learning To Let My Children Go



As a mum, do you feel it is your responsibility to fix all your children’s problems and shield them from heartbreak?  

Do you take on all of their worries as if they are your own?

Do you struggle with the need to control them and their lives and find it difficult to let go?

Me too!

In today’s episode: 

  • I share the story of how my daughter turning 18 stirred up strong feelings and beliefs in me. 
  • I explore the unlearning lessons that were highlighted for me through this experience.
  • I uncover the Mother Archetype and the shadow of the Mother, the Selfless Mother and her three core beliefs that I find challenging during this season of motherhood.
  • Discover if you have any of these common Selfless Mother beliefs!

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