My Great Big Midlife Unlearning Your Emotions



Do you have relationships with other people in your life that emotionally trigger you?

Whether it is a parent, partner, sibling, friend, co-worker or even your child, every time you speak to or interact with this person it just sets you off!

You feel angry, frustrated and tearful after every interaction with them.

Perhaps you think – “Why do I even bother?”, “They are so stubborn!” or “Why are they being like this?”.

In this latest episode of My Great Big Midlife Unlearning:

  • I explore the beliefs and thoughts that may cause you to become triggered by your relationships.
  • I share the go-to framework that I use to help me to make sense of and reframe conflict and challenging interactions with others into learning opportunities.
  • A recent unlearning that I had to do when someone emotionally triggered me.

Find out how you can use this framework to examine what is going on for you in your relationships so that you can have a more connected relationship with yourself and others.

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