Are you currently experiencing a Midlife Spiritual Awakening?

If you are going through a midlife spiritual awakening, you may be experiencing the following things:

  • Feelings of discontentment, restlessness and frustration.
  • The need to spend more time alone.
  • An urgent call to be more authentic, more creative – more true to who you really are.
  • Curiosity to explore new places, philosophies and ways of being.
  • Renewed energy and determination to declutter things, beliefs, thoughts and people from your life that no longer serve you.
  • A call to have more ‘meaning’ in your life. This could take the form of more meaningful relationships and conversations, or realigning with your values and seeking out your purpose for being here.
  • New perspectives on old cycles of behaviour in yourself and others.
  • A need to heal old wounds and generational trauma for yourself and your loved ones.
  • More intentional or conscious decisions and actions.
  • Your psychic gifts or intuition are ‘coming online’. You may get more tingles, ‘gut feelings’, idea and thought ‘downloads’ or experience vivid dreams or sleeplessness.

There is no doubt about it Midlife is a powerful Awakening time in your life!

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Why Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening Is Really Your Queen's Journey

This stage of your life can feel exciting, exhilarating and transformative. But at the same time lonely, scary, confusing and totally overwhelming!

What’s really going on during a Midlife Spiritual Awakening?

Let’s face it, over the years you have made so many concessions and compromises. You have put yourself on hold while you took care of everyone else. In the process, you have repressed your very soul and now it has reached its critical mass of what it is willing to tolerate. Your soul is Awakening and telling you that it is time for YOU to come alive again!

The secret you, the wilder, freer, fiercer you calling out – demanding to be heard with an urgency that you can feel deep in your bones.

Why Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening Is Really Your Queen's Journey

Your soul is calling you to reconnect with yourself, your dreams, your desires and what you were put here on this earth to do.

I know that you can hear HER – the you that you were meant to be. This magically coincides with midlife – the alchemical stage in a woman’s life when she returns to herself. Freed from the urge and responsibility to reproduce, a woman’s body, brain and spirit are literally rebuilding themselves at the cellular level to prepare her for this ‘upgrade’. I know that you may have been taught to believe that this may just be menopause or even a midlife crisis, but I believe that something more powerful – more magical is happening to you.

Alchemy is the sacred process of energetic transformation. It asks us to deeply understand the separate ingredients of what we wish to transform, so that we can recombine them through an intense progression of distallations and refinements into a higher and truer form. Menopause is a graduation stage in every woman’s lifelong development of herself.

Jane Catherine Severn – The World Within Women

I believe that your midlife spiritual awakening is the start of your Queen’s Journey. The Queen’s Journey represents a woman’s transition from an asleep, powerless damsel or selfless mother living by the rules of who other people think she is to a fully awake, confident, Sovereign Queen of her own life.

Read more about the Queen Archetype HERE

In this blog, I walk you through the 3 Stages of Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening and how this relates to your own Queen’s Journey.

Curious about finding out what your stage of spiritual awakening is? Take the Quiz to find out!

The Queen’s Journey

There are three parts to the Queen’s Journey. The Call, The Cave and The Return.

The Call

During this Stage of Awakening, sometimes called the Caterpillar Stage of Spiritual Awakening, you receive The Call to start your Queen’s Journey.

Something has happened to you recently that has changed the way you see your life. This experience has given you a new perspective. As much as you try, you find you can’t unsee or unknow what you now know as ‘truth’.

During this Stage of Awakening, you are at the start of your Queen’s Journey in the ‘ordinary world’ – at the foothills of your journey. It may feel as if life is happening to you a lot of the time. You have been through a lot in a short period (some of it traumatic) and you are still processing what has happened to you. Although this Stage of Awakening is usually one where we feel energised, a lot of this energy comes from the fight or flight survival mode which isn’t sustainable over the long run.

You are starting to read books and seek out personal development courses. You are searching for and following guides and mentors that can help you along your way.

Why Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening Is Really Your Queen's Journey
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The Cave

During this stage, sometimes called the Chrysalis Stage of Spiritual Awakening you have already received The Call and have embarked on your Queen’s Journey.

During this part of your journey, you have entered The Cave. The Cave is the ‘cocoon’ where the caterpillar will transform into the butterfly. But first, you must go through, the sometimes painful stage, of transformation through the ‘dark night of the soul’.

In this stage of awakening, you have woken up and can see and feel a different future for yourself. However, there are demands, especially from other people that are used to the ‘old you’. They may feel emotionally triggered by the changes that you are going through and try to convince you that it is better to stay asleep.

Your soul is at odds with your ego. Your ego liked things the way it was before you awakened. It keeps telling you that it would be so much better if you just went back to sleep. Your soul likes being awake and now that it has tasted freedom will not let you go back to sleep. This tug of war between your two parts is exhausting!

It is important to know that this Stage of Awakening is not permanent. The purpose of The Cave is to help you to remove outside distractions so that you are allowed to do important digging for who you authentically are. During this stage, you will want to spend time alone. Emotions will rise to the surface for you to process and clear. You are reconnecting with who you truly are and letting go of who you are not.

The second stage of The Cave is the Long Sleep Stage. This is where your soul – exhausted from all its labour needs time to recalibrate and come back into balance.

Why Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening Is Really Your Queen's Journey
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Curious about finding out what your stage of spiritual awakening is? Take the Quiz to find out!

The Return

During this stage of your Queen’s Journey, sometimes called the Butterfly Stage of Spiritual Awakening, you are birthed into this world as a brand new Queen after some time in the transformative belly of The Cave.

You have been through a period of transformation, confusion and overwhelm. However, you have emerged from your dark night of the soul and sleep period with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.

This is the stage where you learn to integrate all you have learned in the ‘special world’ of The Cave. As a new Queen, you are given the opportunity to test your wings and figure out how to apply them in the ‘ordinary world’.

You are still ‘you’ but an ‘upgraded’ version of yourself and you will notice shifts in how you perceive the world and your part in it. What you tolerate from others, what you say “no” to and what you are attracted to will have changed too. You are more sensitive to energy vibrations and synchronicities and may start feeling more psychically awake.

At first, you will feel a bit wobbly like a toddler who has found their legs for the first time. However, over time and with practice, you will achieve mastery. Eventually, your old life as you knew it will feel like a distant memory.

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