Tanya Valentin

Your Bespoke Mentoring Partnership With Tanya Valentin

Are you ready to stop feeling lost, stuck, confused and as if you are destined to live someone else’s life?

You were not put on this earth to just work, please others, raise children and struggle to get by. 

You do not owe anyone your precious life!

You may believe that your best years have passed you by or that it is all downhill from here…

But, I am here to tell you that this is not true, you were put on this planet for a reason and for a purpose  – You still have so much living to do, so much more to achieve.  The world needs You and Your Unique Light.

Your life can all be so much more meaningful, joyful and abundant than you ever thought possible!

Let me help you to take the next step towards the life you know you truly deserve as the Queen of Your Own Life!

Bespoke Mentoring Partnership

No woman is the same. We have our own rich life apprenticeship of experiences, woundings and triumphs that make us all unique! When we invest in ourselves we don’t just create joy, healing and abundance in our own lives but we send powerful, magical ripples out into the lives of our children, partners and other important relationships too.

This mentoring container is special. We are not just working together as mentor and client  – we are co-creating magic together ✨ and this requires a sacred partnership.

  • The foundation building of this partnership is a 90 minute video call where you talk and I listen.  This helps me to understand you, your life and what you need from a mentor. This is very important as it is gives us the base from which we will co-create from a shared  understanding and trust.
  • During this initial meeting we map out where you are, where you have come from and the future you would like to create for yourself.
  • We explore your Primary and Shadow Archetypes and how they have influenced you in your life.
  • We discuss the modalities that will support you to unlearn the beliefs and barriers that are keeping you small and blocking you from moving forward with the life you deserve.
  • This becomes the container from which with will work together during our partnership.
Bespoke Mentoring Partnership

What You Will Gain From Our Partnership

  • Freedom to reconnect with and love the woman you truly are, behind all of the roles, responsibilities and expectations of others.
  • Freedom from old traumas, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.
  • Forgiveness yourself and freedom from the weight of your past mistakes.
  • A renewed sense of life purpose and your reason for being here.
  • Love, self-acceptance and peace with your body instead of fighting against it.
  • Tools to support you to manage your emotions, stress and anxiety with ease.
  • More time for the things that you enjoy.
  • Trust in yourself, your intuition and faith and confidence in yourself again.
  • Confidence in owning your voice – learn how to set boundaries and speak up for yourself about the things that are important to you and advocate for your well-being with health care professionals.
  • Renewed joy and connection in your relationships with the people that you love.
  • Permission to take up space and to have the life that feels right for you. 
  • Alignment with your values.
  • Excitement and hope for your future!
Midlife Mentoring With Tanya

Your Investment for this 12 Week Mentoring Partnership –  $2579 

Or a Payment Plan of  6 Monthly Payments of $455

Book a FREE Clarity Session with Tanya to see if a Bespoke Mentoring Partnership is the right fit for you.