Tanya Valentin Midlife Mentor for Moms

You Should See Me In A Crown!

My future was predetermined before I was born. A beautifully wrapped allowance of acceptable security, rooted in practicality.  I  was the ‘quiet’ girl, the ‘sensitive’ girl, the ‘seen and not heard’ girl, the ‘do as you’re told’ girl, the ‘nice’ girl.

I grew up wanting to write.  I was told that writing wasn’t a worthwhile pursuit.  That it wasn’t a ‘real job’ because I was the ‘get married and have kids girl’ the ‘get a job at the bank’ girl.

Raised on the empty calories of the ‘fairy tale dream’, I grew up feeling as if it wasn’t safe to be me. I had to stay small and go through the motions. To be someone else in order to be accepted.

I believed that my words were not valid and that my opinions did not count. I withdrew, starved myself to fit. I worked so hard at pretending that I disappeared.

This was the ‘dream’ that I was born into.  The silent battle I have had to fight against.  The story that I believed to be true about myself that I would need to unlearn. The ‘dream’ that I have worked my entire life to wake up from.  

But I knew deep down that I was meant to be more. That my life could be more. I was capable of so much more.

My ‘dream’ did not just infect me. Amid the sound of sirens and stark fluorescence of hospital lights, it dawned on me that I had unconsciously passed my dis-ease like a deadly virus to my daughters.

I knew then, that I had no choice but to heal, not only for myself but for my children too.

Tanya Valentin Midlife Mentor

Through false starts and trial and error, I realised that I didn’t have to stay asleep in this ‘dream’.

I did not have to live this story. 

It was safe to be me. To be seen as me. To trust me.

As I awakened, I realised that I had everything I already needed inside of me, glimmering under the surface.

I did not need anyone’s permission.

I grew up to believe that I was a damsel in distress but I was actually a Queen.

A Queen who could choose herself.

A Queen who was already capable of moving her own mountains – slaying her own damn dragons.

Born worthy, all I had to do was claim my own crown!

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Tanya Valentin Author Archetype Mentor

I know what it feels like to be a spectator in your own life. To be assigned a role that you never applied for and can never resign from. I know that as a mum that you do not want to pass on your ‘dream’ to your children.

When you work with me I will support you to challenge your ‘dream’ and unlearn the disempowering stories that are keeping you feeling trapped. Together we will move those mountains that are making you feel so stuck.

I will help you to reconnect with and love the real, authentic YOU – the person you were born to be before you became so weighed down by others’ expectations of who they thought that you should be.

Let me show you how you can be a caring and supportive mother and live the next half of your life in a way feels true to who you Authentically are as the Queen of your life!

When a woman reaches the Fuck-it Switch stage in her life, it means she has arrived
at the point where enough is enough. She flips her switch and begins to take one
hundred percent accountability for herself, her past, her life, and her destination.
There is no other choice, she has exhausted all other possibilities. She makes a stand
for herself, she stands out to the world, and she shouts loud for all to hear, ‘Fuck It,
Not One Day More!’

Tanya Valentin – When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains.

When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains