Is This You?

  • You are a Midlife Woman.
  • Menopause is knocking and you are struggling to figure how you ‘fit’ and what is required from you in this next stage of your life.
  • You have spent so much time pleasing others, being everything to everybody, that it feels like you are living someone else’s life.
  • Seriously, where do YOU, your well-being, your happiness fit in the mix of it all when there are so many more pressing priorities of your busy life?
  • When you look in the mirror and you don’t know or recognise the woman staring back at you and this scares you and depresses you. 
  • What happened?”  “Where did all the years go?” You be wonder as you find a new wrinkle or grey hair.
  • As a mum of teens or young adults you may be wondering “What I do now that the kids no longer need me?”
  • You hate to admit it but you are feeling lonely. You are surrounded by people, none of them seem to really ‘get’ how you are feeling. 
  • On the surface, everything looks fine. You know that you should feel grateful – it’s not so bad; really everything is fine… But on the inside, you feel unhappy and restless.
  • If you are being honest with yourself, you have known for a while now that you need to make some changes to your life, but you are frightened to look at yourself too closely because you are not sure if you will like what you will find. So instead you do the same thing day in and day out, wishing that something would change.
  • You wish there was just some magic pill that you could take to it all feel better – make you feel okay.
  • You feel a sense of urgency and you know that you want more from your life.
  • You would give anything to believe in yourself again and to make things better but you are unsure what to do or even where to start!

You may feel as if you are doing it all wrong or that you are heading for a Messy Midlife Crisis!

But please know that there is nothing wrong with you.  This is a very natural right of passage that most women go through at Midlife. It may not seem like it but these feelings of restlessness, overwhelm and stuckness are a good thing.

After many years of breaking promises to yourself and making compromises that have put you ‘on hold’, this is a wake up call from your soul.  You are being called to reconnect with your needs, your dreams, your desires and the very essence of who you are. 

Let Me Help You

Mentoring with Tanya

Feeling stuck, but not sure where to start?

Why not book a FREE CLARITY SESSION with me? 

In this is a FREE 30-minute video call (worth $200) I help you to cut through the confusion you have been feeling and support you to get clarity over your life. We will map out the clear next steps of what you need to do to reconnect with the woman I know that you would like to be with practical strategies that can make a difference to your life NOW!

“Hi Tanya, I have really enjoyed our two brief sessions it was very informative
and helpful. It made an instant difference in my day to day operation. The
session was so good felt like magic and I  am not exaggerating.  I want to
thank you very much for your time and  giving me a listening ear it meant a
lot to me.”
       Sincerely Makeba Date

The Bespoke Mentoring Partnership

You may have been led to believe that Midlife and Menopause is all about hormones, hot flushes and stopping your periods. But no one talks about…

The confusion, the fear, the sense of loss, abandonment, the grief, the anger at yourself. The constant tug of war between loneliness and the need for solitude. The restless nights…

Sure, you are a middle-aged woman, and so night sweats are part of life now, but the real thing keeping you tossing and turning at 2 am is, Her. 

The secret you, the wilder, freer, fiercer you calling out – demanding to be heard with an urgency that you can feel deep in your bones.

No one talks about it. But you can feel it.

You can feel Her…

You may feel these powerful energies of change swirling around inside of you as your Wild Woman calls to you, but have no one to speak to, no one to listen.  As a Midlife Mentor it is my role to support you through this transformation. 

Over the course of Our Bespoke, 12 Week Mentoring Partnership, I will hold space for you and your dreams. I support you with my skills as a NLP, REBT, EFT, TFT, Havening therapist and Archetype Mentor to support you to unearth the woman you are and would like to be for the next part of your life. 

This is a personal journey for every woman.  Together we co-create the mentoring container that is the right fit for you.

The woman you were before you were someone’s partner, someone’s mother someone’s wife – she is still there and she still matters!

CLICK HERE To Explore What is Included in a Bespoke Mentoring Partnership 

Please book a FREE CLARITY SESSION with me to explore this further.

Unsure Where To Start?
Do you want some Clarity about what to do next?

Book A FREE 30-Minute Clarity Session.

Life Purpose Mentoring

I believe that we are were all put here for a reason and that we all have a purpose. How do I know this?

Well the very fact that you are on this earth is proof of this.  It is a miracle that that the you were born and are on this earth to begin with. (Scientifically speaking one variation to your genetic make-up and there would have been a totally different person on this planet in your place!)

One of the biggest problems that midlife women struggle with is a loss of identity, because they have spent so much of their lives living to care for and please others.  This can leave you feeling so lost and unsure of who you are and why you were put on this earth to begin with! I believe that you have a gifts, talents and a bright, unique light that is just waiting to shine its brilliance out onto the world!

If you are ready to discover your reason for being here and to reconnect with your purpose then Life Purpose Mentoring is for you!

What you can expect from Life Purpose Mentoring:

  • Six weekly 45 minute sessions
  • Discover your reason and purpose for being here.
  • Uncover your gifts, your talents and your values.
  • Discover your highest intention and how to live your life authentically aligned to what’s truly important to you!
  • Explore the key decisions and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your life’s purpose and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to create and nurture new empowering beliefs.
  • Feel confident in who you are what you were put here to do.
  • Discover tools that will unlock your success so that you can claim your crown as the Queen of your own life!

Book a Clarity Session with me. Explore if Life Purpose Mentoring is the right option for you. 

Mentoring with Tanya