Are You A Midlife Woman Who Is Going Through A Midlife Spiritual Awakening?

Something has happened in your life that has ‘woken’ you up to a new perspective of your life and now nothing feels the same. 

You are more emotionally sensitive than you have ever been.  Powerful, unruly emotions pop up at the most inconvenient times.  It feels like the week before your period but all of the time!  You don’t even feel like you anymore!

You struggle with feeling lost, confused, anxious and depressed.  It feels as if there are two parts of you at war with each other.  The part of you that knows that there is more to you, more to life than your current reality and the part of you who wants to stay here safely tucked away in someone else’s version of your life. 

Even though you have people around you feel lonely a lot of the time because your loved ones don’t understand what you are going through.  In fact, they want you to stay the you, that you were before your awakening started.

They don’t seem to realise that the woman they want you to be no longer exists.

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Are Feeling This Way?

Watch this video to find out why

Are you ready to stop feeling

  • Stuck in a life that is ‘fine’ but doesn’t feel like your life anymore.
  • Torn between two versions of you?
  • Lonely and confused because you just don’t know who you are anymore.
  • Depressed because you are grieving the life you have lost or the life you wish that you had?
  • Numb and detached from your body and your emotions and or anxious and teary all of the time?
  • Fearful, and worried about what others will think if you let them see the ‘real’ you?
  • As if you can’t trust your instincts or your own intuition?


Have you had enough?

Tanya Valentin midlife mentor

You may Feel As If You Are In the Midst of A Midlife Crisis...

I know that you can hear HER – the you that you were meant to be wanting to be set free.

This magically coincides with midlife – the alchemical stage in a woman’s life when she returns to herself. Freed from the urge and responsibility to reproduce, a woman’s body, brain and spirit are literally rebuilding themselves at the cellular level to prepare her for this ‘upgrade’.

I know that you may have been taught to believe that this may just be menopause or even a midlife crisis, but I believe that something more powerful – more magical is happening to you.

I believe that your Midlife Spiritual Awakening is the start of your Queen’s Journey. The Queen’s Journey represents a woman’s transition from an asleep, powerless damsel or selfless mother living by the rules of who other people think she is to a fully Awake, Confident, Sovereign Queen of her own life.

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What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine a version of you – A Queen – confident, calm and deeply connected who she is. 

A Queen who isn’t afraid to be herself.

A Queen who does not need others to choose her or validate her because she knows that she is already worthy of love, blessings and good things flowing into her life and so she sets about creating a life that feels right for her on her own terms.

A Queen who knows that she is here for a divine purpose and makes it her mission to live that purpose in the world. 

A Queen who is committed to her personal growth and healing, because she know that this is the key to unlocking the who she is meant to be and have the life that she truly desires.  

A Queen who is not afraid to invest in herself or to allow others to help her.

A Queen who is the powerful co-creator of her life and is connected to her own sovereignty. 

A Queen who knows that she is a valuable treasure and that her essence and her energy is precious and so lovingly protects herself with flexible but firm boundaries.

A Queen who trusts her instincts, abilities and intuition and makes decisions and takes action from this higher version of herself.

This version of you – this Queen is the you who is waiting for you at the other side of your awakening.

I know that you are scared right now and second-guessing yourself

You are not alone. You’re normal.

What if you look at your life and you don’t like what you see?

What if you change and you don’t like yourself or you alienate your loved ones or people won’t like you anymore?

What if you try this and it doesn’t work?

But what if you don’t change?

What if things just stay the same? 

How will it feel if you continue to live this life in this way for the rest of your existence here on this planet?

If not now…WHEN?

You deserve to thrive, but what is your plan to make it happen?

The Answer Is In This Unique But Simple Framework

When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains


The Queen's Way

The Unique Group Mentoring Program that holistically supports Midlife Women who are navigating a Midlife Spiritual Awakening.

During our weekly live group mentoring calls I support you to reconnect with, love and trust yourself again so that you can have the life that feels right for you as the Confident, Aligned Queen of Your Own Life!

Here's a sneak peek inside this 12-week transformational group mentoring program!

week 1: creating a safe space

This week we work on creating a safe space to allow you to express yourself freely.

Themes of the week include healing the sister wound and creating commitments to ourselves.

Week 2: The Divine Feminine Archetypes

This week we explore the 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes and how they have and still do influence you on your life’s journey.  

Themes this week include your unique life apprenticeship and healing the mother wound.

Week 3: Embodying Your Wild Woman

This week we explore the Wild Woman and her influence over us especially during midlife.

Themes this week include reclaiming your sacred femineity, your menstrual cycle and giving yourself permission to be ‘Allowed and Aloud’! 

Week 4: Midlife and menopause support

This week our in-house naturopath explores what is going on in our bodies during this season of womanhood. 

Come and learn about your hormones, nutrition, your cycle in this informal Q&A session.

Week 5: Reconnecting with your emotions

This week we discuss something that many women find challenging – your emotions!  Learn about your unique meta-emotions philosophy, how to safely experience your emotions and how to decode the message of your emotions.

week 6: Grief, acceptance and forgiveness

This week we explore the grief cycle in relation to midlife and menopause.

  Themes this week include forgiving yourself and others, inner healing and releasing the warrior wound.

You deserve the best! Look at what's included in this one of a kind program!

Twelve weekly live group mentoring sessions (worth $2640)

The Somatic Library – our ever-growing library of gentle but powerful embodiment and somatic practices to help you to release trauma and repair your nervous system (worth $357)

Coming Home To Your Body – A four part series of videos to support you to show up for yourself and invite movement back into your body. Reclaim your identity as a Queen who keeps promises to herself (worth $275)

Meno-morphosis  – An eight part self-paced online course specially created to empower you with insight and tools so that you can understand and care for your physical and mental wellbeing during this season of womanhood and beyond (worth $1255)

Monthly live Q&A sessions with our in-house naturopath during the 12 week program ($757)

Lifetime access to our supportive wrap-around communityThe Feminine School of Unlearning (worth $2664)

Lifetime access to this program including the recordings or upgrades (worth $3247)

Free access to future Queen’s Way group mentoring cohorts (worth $3333)

Total Value of $15528!!!

As a founding member you are guaranteed the best value!

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Get Emotionally Free – Learn the secrets of EFT Energy so that you can release trauma and repair your nervous system (worth $220)

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Tanya Valentin

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Testimonials from clients

I feel my confidence has grown and I have stopped doubting myself. You gave me strategies to use that recognise different feelings and then how to deal with them. Our one-on-one sessions were great to be able to get these feelings off my chest and not feel judged. Thank you so much for all the knowledge and support that you offered to me and the others on the course. It takes a lot of time and effort to put workshops together so being able to partake in this was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Nicola Cambie

Tanya, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed having you as my mentor.  You have helped me so much. Through our sessions together I have really learnt to reconnect with and value myself.  I learned that I was worthy of my own love and I am starting to give myself permission to nurture myself and give myself the forgiveness, time and space that I deserve.

-Cassie Rowlings

Hi Gorgeous Queen!

My name is Tanya Valentin and I am a Midlife Mentor for Soul-Led Women just like YOU. 

My mission is to support you to love and trust yourself again so that you as a woman can have more Joy, Purpose, Confidence, Freedom, Choice and Possibility to have the life YOU truly want.

Work with me to:

  • Rediscover and reconnect with the woman you truly are and learn how to love and trust her. (Not the role or the person other people want you to be)
  • Heal trauma and move the “mountains” of past mistakes, regrets, others beliefs, expectations from your life.
  • Reclaim your birthright – your sacred femineity.
  • Break the cycle of ‘selflessness’ that is expected from women in order to be a ‘good mother’ for yourself and your children.
  • Navigate this stage of transformation with confidence.
  • Feel positive and confident in your decisions.
  • Design and live a life that reflects who you truly are and is aligned with your values.
  • Develop stronger, more loving, authentic, supportive relationships.
  • Restore a sense of purpose,  well-being and balance to your life.
  • Feel at peace with your past and feel hopeful and excited for your future!
  • Be the Queen of Your Own Life!

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You get lifetime access to the program recordings, courses, the community as well as any upgrades to the program.  You can also join any future Queen’s Way group mentoring cohorts FREE of charge if you need a bit of a refresher or a top up.


We totally stand by our program but if you show up and you do the work and it is not the right fit for you then contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

$1247 (One off payment)

or 6 monthly payments of $237

(If you require an extended payment option please get in touch)

The live group mentoring sessions, recordings and courses and community are all in one convenient place in The Feminine School of Unlearning. There is even an app so you can keep in the loop while on the go!

All sessions are recorded and made available to you within 24 hours of the session.

We offer a one off payment (best value)  and  a 6 month payment plan.

Extended payment plans are available on application. Contact us to find out more.


Myself and our other community leaders are available in the group chat to support you. 

There is also time set aside in each live group mentoring session to get support and ask any questions that you may have. 

You can also submit questions ahead of time that you would like answered in the live mentoring sessions.

You can book additional 1-1 mentoring sessions with Tanya or Sarah if you need them (these are at an additional cost)

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