Queen of Your Own Life

Are You A Midlife Woman Who Feels Stuck In Someone Else's Version Of Your Life?

Do you feel at war with the ‘You’ everyone else expects you to be and the Secret, Wilder, Truer You who wants to be set free?

Does this make you feel miserable, confused and overwhelmed because you don’t know what you should do?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can have a life that feels freer and clearer. A life filled with joy, ease and endless possibilities!


Join me for this FREE live training where I will:

  • Help you to understand why what you are feeling is actually a good sign and why this time of Midlife Spiritual Awakening is the most significant transformation of your life.
  • Empower you with practical  tools to support you to navigate this season of your life and beyond with confidence and ease.
  • Share three powerful secrets to support you to become the Queen Of Your Own Life so that you can have the life that you truly desire!
  • Training takes place on 22 August 2022, NZT.
  • Three timeslots to choose from to accommodate your lifestyle and time zone.
  • Spot prizes of crystal packs, books and Amazon vouchers for showing up live!


Are You Ready To Take Back Your Power And Claim Your Crown!

Queen of your own life

Who Is This For?

Queen of your own life