Heart Opening Self Love Cacao Ritual

Heart Opening Self-Love Cacao Ritual (Recipe Included)

Are you wanting to open your heart to more self-love and self-acceptance?
This delicious ritual can be used for yourself or a loved one. Use it any time you wish to open your heart and create more love and connection within yourself or with others. Cocao is a natural heart opener and can support you to deepen this practice for yourself. (I like to add rose and honey to my cacao as rose is associated with self-love. Honey is a food of the Gods and Goddesses and so this is a perfect combination for a Queen!) Read more…

Tanya Valentin Author

The Power of Story in Pursuit of Your Personal Legend

As a young child one of my favourite pastimes was to write stories. These were my first crude attempts at being a writer.

You might say, as author Paulo Coelho writes in his book The Alchemist, I have always known that being a writer is my personal legend. And yet, it has taken me till my mid-forties to trust myself enough to sell my sheep as the young shepherd did in The Alchemist, and to pursue the treasure that I have always known to be mine.

 Read more…

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