Will My Midlife Spiritual Awakening Cost Me My Marriage?

Do you feel stuck in a life that is ‘fine’ but doesn’t feel like your life anymore? Does this cause you to feel depressed, overwhelmed and confused? It could be that you are delaying making important changes in your life because you are scared that it may end your marriage.

Many midlife women delay making important changes in their lives because they are worried that it will mean the end of the relationship that they have with their significant other. This is especially true for women who are in long-term relationships. Read more…

In this blog, I walk you through the 3 Stages of Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening and how this relates to your own Queen's Journey.

Why Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening Is Really Your Queen’s Journey

I know that you can hear HER – the you that you were meant to be. This magically coincides with midlife – the alchemical stage in a woman’s life when she returns to herself. Freed from the urge and responsibility to reproduce, a woman’s body, brain and spirit are literally rebuilding themselves at the cellular level to prepare her for this ‘upgrade’. I know that you may have been taught to believe that this may just be menopause or even a midlife crisis, but I believe that something more powerful – more magical is happening to you. I believe that your midlife spiritual awakening is the start of your Queen’s Journey. The Queen’s Journey represents a woman’s transition from an asleep, powerless damsel or selfless mother living by the rules of who other people think she is to a fully awake, confident, Sovereign Queen of her own life.

In this blog, I walk you through the 3 Stages of Your Midlife Spiritual Awakening and how this relates to your own Queen’s Journey.  Read more…

How to reconnect with your intuition - The Wise Woman Archetype

How To Reconnect With Your Intuition – The Wise Woman Archetype

Many midlife women feel disconnected from their intuition. They don’t feel that they have an intuition, or that they cannot trust their intuition.

When we live our lives from this belief it can lead us to look outside of ourselves for answers. This in turn means that we repeat the same thoughts, damaging self-talk and behaviour patterns again and again. This cycle of beliefs, thoughts, self-talk and behaviour leads us to an experience of stuckness.

You may be reading this now because you are feeling disconnected from yourself. Or you may have experienced this cycle in your life and would like to know how to change it.  Read more…

The Huntress

Do ‘Sensitive’ Women Outgrow Being ‘Sensitive’? -The Huntress Archetype

Were you told as a girl that you were ‘too emotional’, ‘too sensitive’?

Were you told to “put on your big girl panties” or to “toughen up”?

You are not alone.

So many of us received similar messages growing up. And as a grown woman, you may outwardly appear to be less sensitive. However, this just masks your secret reality. Underneath the tough exterior is a little girl that still cares too much, feels too much and regularly feels hurt by the actions and words of others. Read more…

Unlearning Lesson Four – The ‘White Lies’ of Childhood

We all have all told them, innocent-seeming ‘white lies’.  Some of these ‘white lies’ have originated from us.  And some ‘white lies’ have been passed to us by our parents and we unthinkingly pass them to our children. It seems like such a natural process ‘a family tradition’ almost, that it doesn’t even occur to us that we have a choice in the matter.  These ‘lies’ seem so innocent that we really don’t question whether they are right or wrong or what the long term effects of telling them will be. Read more…

My Great Big Midlife Unlearning Your Emotions

Unlearning Lesson One – Your Agreements

In our lives we all make unconscious agreements with ourselves, others and life about who we are and what we are capable of. This process of “agreement-making” starts from when we are very young and these agreements become the foundation from which we create our lives. Our agreements determine the actions or inaction that we will take, the relationships we enter into and what we think we are capable of. Until we make these unconscious agreements conscious, we will continue to repeat the same behaviours over and over again in vain, hoping for a different result. Read more…

Tanya Valentin - Dear past self - I forgive you

Dear Past Self – I Forgive You…

One of the certainties that you will encounter as you work on healing yourself and move further and further outside of your comfort zone is that you will encounter your past self – A LOT!

Everyone of us has made mistakes and carry regrets.

However, we also have the choice between holding onto our shame and reliving our past mistakes – repeating familiar but damaging self-protective behaviour patterns or choosing to show ourselves love, kindness and compassion and practice self-forgiveness. Read more…

Moving From Confusion and Overwhelm to Self-Trust and Confidence

You know that you want more?
More purpose, meaning, more clarity, more enlightenment.  And so you are reading all the books, going to the webinars, workshops, coaching, studying religions… And you are just feeling more confused than ever!
My guest Adele Wang shares her story of moving from spiritual confusion and overwhelm to self-trust, attunement and confidence.  Read more…

Rachel Anne Ridge

Donkey Shaped Miracles with Rachel Anne Ridge

This chance encounter was the start of a beautiful spiritual journey for Rachel Anne Ridge, who decided to take a leap of faith and follow the path that had been laid out before her.  Through the mirror that was her relationship with Flash, Rachel started to develop her relationship with herself through a new perspective.  This lead to a career as an author of several books, a thriving career as an artist and a calling to coach other creative people to lead a life of purpose and joy. Read more…

Why Rest Is An Important Part Of Personal Growth

In the past, I have resisted taking a break. However, I have worried that if I stopped for a break then I would lose momentum and all my hard work would be lost. There always seems like there is more to do and my list can sometimes feel endless! However, my inner Wise Woman self reminded me this year, that rest is part of growth. Rest is part of healing our wounded selves. Read more…

How To Overcome Toxic Self-Criticism

In the past that I have suffered from toxic self-criticism. Toxic self-criticism is when how we judge ourselves becomes extremely harmful to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

In this blog, I guide you (and myself – this is constant work ) with ways to overcome toxic self-criticism. I will explore the Shadow Archetypes which influence us to judge ourselves so harshly. I will also support you with ways to rebalance the influence of these Shadow Archetypes with life-enriching qualities of other Feminine Archetypes.
 Read more…

Tanya Valentin - Teen Emotions

What To Do When Your Teen Is Struggling Emotionally?

As a mum it can be so heart-breaking to sit by and to watch your child struggle with something hard. No parent likes to see their child in emotional distress and this can be extremely triggering for us.
All that we would like to do is “fix” what is going on for them. However, most of the time we can’t. In this article I guide you how to support your teenager through their emotional experience while keeping your sanity. Read more…

Tanya Valentin spiritual awakening

Is It A Midlife Crisis Or A Spiritual Awakening?

Many women go through a powerful change in their lives at Midlife. We may associate Midlife with menopause, hot flushes, hormones and the end of our periods. However there is a powerful spiritual change that happens for women during this stage of our lives that is often not spoken about.

When you hear the words “Spiritual Awakening” might conjure up images of Buddhist monks, psychics or Wicca. You may think that a spiritual awakening is reserved for a select group of people such as people who are devoutly religious. However, regardless of our religious beliefs, we are all capable of and do experience awakenings at various stages of our lives. Read more…

Tanya Valentin Midlife Mentor for Moms

Questions to Myself

We spend so many years trash-talking ourselves and so this is one way that I can intentionally work on building my trust in the most important relationship I have in my life.  The relationship that I have with myself! Earlier this week when I was out walking I thought, “If I would interview myself, what would I ask myself?” and so the idea for this episode was born.  Read more…

Heart Opening Self Love Cacao Ritual

Heart Opening Self-Love Cacao Ritual (Recipe Included)

Are you wanting to open your heart to more self-love and self-acceptance?
This delicious ritual can be used for yourself or a loved one. Use it any time you wish to open your heart and create more love and connection within yourself or with others. Cocao is a natural heart opener and can support you to deepen this practice for yourself. (I like to add rose and honey to my cacao as rose is associated with self-love. Honey is a food of the Gods and Goddesses and so this is a perfect combination for a Queen!) Read more…

Tanya Valentin Author

The Power of Story in Pursuit of Your Personal Legend

As a young child one of my favourite pastimes was to write stories. These were my first crude attempts at being a writer.

You might say, as author Paulo Coelho writes in his book The Alchemist, I have always known that being a writer is my personal legend. And yet, it has taken me till my mid-forties to trust myself enough to sell my sheep as the young shepherd did in The Alchemist, and to pursue the treasure that I have always known to be mine.

 Read more…

When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains Podcast by Tanya Valentin

Episode 001 – Stories, Shame Monsters and Personal Legends

Everyone was born with a personal legend – their zone of genius, the thing that they were born to do.  And yet, many of us have forgotten what our personal legend is or have so many stories and so much shame wrapped around and interwoven with the pursuit of our personal legend.

In this episode, I explore why you may feel shame about pursuing your personal legend and how this shame may show up for you. Read more…

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