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Seen Heard Included - Neuro-Affirming PLD For Educators

As early childhood educators and parents, we have always known the importance of being inclusive and supportive of our neurodivergent children.

The sad fact is that Autism and ADHD (and how to support our neurodivergent children) are not something that many educators and parents have had the opportunity to learn much about. Another challenge is that much of the information that is available to parents and educators has been written through a theoretical, neurotypical lens and does not take into account or value lived experience or take a neuro-affirming approach.

As our understanding grows about Autism and ADHD and how these affect children of all cultures and genders increases, knowing how to accommodate and support our neurodivergent children in their formative years becomes even more important. This is further highlighted when we take into account how neurodivergent individuals are disproportionally represented in poor mental health and life outcomes. 

“By the time this [early childhood] period is over, children will have formed conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers, and as language learners, and they will have reached certain important decisions about their own abilities and their own worth.” Te Whāriki

We All Know How Important The Early Years Are

This is why I am passionate about supporting ECE teams in Aotearoa with education and neuro-affirming tools and strategies to support the inclusion and mana-enhancing practices for all children regardless of their neurotype.

What Your Team Will Learn In This PLD

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • Reconsidering your lens on disability.
  • How to recognise neurodiverse learners in your ECE setting.
  • How to support and accommodate neurodivergent children in your ECE setting.
  • How to create a neuro-affirming learning culture that includes all children.
  • How to work in partnership with whanau to create positive outcomes for neurodivergent children.

This strengths-based PLD is suitable for all educators and parents of neurodivergent children aged 0-5 years old.

Facilitated by an experienced AuDHD facilitator who is also a parent of neurodivergent children and has 25 years of experience in the education sector.

How Is This PLD Presented?

  • 2 Hours (longer workshops are available for teams who would like to go deeper on a specific topic related to Autism or ADHD).
  • Can be delivered on a weeknight or a weekend.
  • In person or via Zoom.
  • Great for parent evenings.
  • Price is dependent on the number of people attending. (Please contact me for a quote and availability – Or use my Contact Page.
  • Additional costs for travel for a face-to-face workshop outside of the Whangarei area.

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PLD for Primary Teachers and Educators from other sectors available on request

What Teachers and Professional Leaders Are Saying About This PLD

Did a webinar session with Tanya and it was so inspiring and informative! Lots of takeaways and great insights into neuro-affirming practices! She also delivers it in a way that is easy to understand.  Highly recommend! May we together make a more inclusive world for everyone –Yue Wang Nurture Heart (Professional Leader).

Hi Tanya, I wanted to thank you for your webinar on Supporting and Including Neurodiversity in an ECE setting. My preschool team all watched it and loved it!! – Lizette (Centre Manager).

Thank you so much for this beautiful webinar – ECE Teacher.

Thank you very much Tanya, an excellent webinar with a lot of great, usable strategies – ECE Teacher.