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Connection-Focused Parenting – Principle Two: Everyone Is ‘Good Inside’

Connection-focused parenting is based on the assumption that we are all fundamentally ‘good inside’. In other words, you are a good person and your teen is a good kid.

This might sound deceptively simple. Of course, our kids, and we as parents are good inside. But stay with me here. It is easy to hold onto our idea of goodness when everything is going right. When we are calm and regulated. When our teens are behaving as we believe that they should.

However, when our teen has just had a meltdown. We had an argument with our partner about how we handled a parenting situation. Or we are exhausted, overwhelmed and ‘over it’ it is very easy to see the worst in ourselves, our partner or our teen. It is very easy to believe that we are ‘bad’ inside. Read how you can change this and use the principle of ‘good inside’ as a powerful parenting tool. Read more…

The Valentins

Shifting The Paradigm Of Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity affects approximately 1 out of 50 people. Neurodiversity is a spectrum and it is a lifetime condition that affects how the neurodiverse person perceives the world, thinks and behaves, communicates and interacts with others. It affects everyone differently and each person will have a unique set of needs depending on where they are on the spectrum.

In this blog I highlight some of the key challenges for neurodiverse people and their families. I explore why we need to advocate for shifting the paradigm of neurodiversity. Read more…


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