The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox - A Week-By-Week Breakdown

The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox is a 6-week online group coaching program (capped at 20 families) for New Zealand-based families of Neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD or AuDHD) children or teens. Self-identified families are welcome to join.

The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox was specifically created to equip you with trauma-informed and neuro-affirming practical guidance and community to help you understand your children (and yourself), preserve their mental health, cut through the confusion and the overwhelm and give you real and actionable tools so that you can feel empowered and confident as a parent no matter your situation. 

The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn during this six-week program:

Week One: Understanding How Your Child’s Brain Works.

  • Gain a life-changing understanding of how your child’s Autistic, ADHD or AuDHD brain, and nervous system work, and why they do the things they do.
  • Learn how to use this understanding to adapt your parenting to support your child in a way that really works!


Neurodivergent family

Week Two: Understanding Shutdowns, Meltdowns, Explosive Behaviours and Burnout.

  • Get to the root of why meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout happen.
  • Learn how to support your child during and after a meltdown or shutdown happens.
  • Learn about the connection between meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout.
  • Learn strategies to reduce the occurrences of meltdowns, shutdowns and explosive behaviour and safeguard your child’s mental health, while protecting them from burnout. 

Week Three: Understanding Demand Avoidance / Drive For Autonomy.

  • Gain insight into what demand avoidance /drive for autonomy is and how this affects your child and their behaviour.
  • Learn strategies to work co-operatively with your child in a way that supports their nervous system while addressing your concerns and expectations.
  • Learn ways to work with your child and their nervous system so you can create more peaceful connected moments with your child.


Neurodivergent family

Week Four: Understanding Executive Function.

  • Gain valuable understanding into how executive functioning works and how this affects your child, their behaviour, social interactions and their school work.
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with your child to teach lagging skills in a way that engages your child and safeguards their self-esteem.

Week Five: Supporting Your Child With Relationships With Others.

  • Understand ways that Autism and ADHD can affect relationships with others.
  • Learn tools and strategies to support your child to navigate sibling and peer relationships so that they can stay connected to themselves while creating meaningful connections with others.

Week Six:  Navigating The System And Relationships In A Way That Feels Good For You and Your Family.

  • Learn valuable insights into the New Zealand school and disability systems.
  • Learn how to get support and funding for your family that is aligned with your family values and your aspirations for your child.
  • Learn strategies to help you set boundaries with friends and extended family and what to say when you come up against unhelpful and ablest comments or advice.
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Here is what you will get as part of the program 

  • 6 x live 2-hour group coaching sessions.
  • Neuro-affirming and trauma-informed program with practical tools and strategies developed from lived experience and evidence-based frameworks and research!
  • A small private online community away from social media of parents who ‘get it’.
  • Full access to the recordings and community after the program ends.
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Benefits of the toolbox for you and your family

  • Gain a deeper connection and understanding with your child and yourself as a parent!
  • Feel more connected to and on the same team as your parenting partner!
  • Feel confident and empowered in your parenting decisions!
  • Be able to confidently advocate for your child and your family!
  • Restore joy, connection and calm to your parenting and family life!
  • Rediscover what a good life looks like for you and your family aligned with your values and aspirations!
  • Grow your village of support with other parents who get it!
  • Start parenting from a place of hope and possibility again!

The toolbox program is delivered live and online in our private community, away from social media.  The price of the program is for two people (you and and co-parent).

Click here to read my story of why I created The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox and to browse commonly asked questions.

The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox
$525 (single one-off payment) – Afterpay is available at checkout.

As part of my commitment to ethical practice, extended payment plans and hardship scholarships are available on request.

Please speak to me about how you can use your carer support hours or individualised funding to pay for a portion of or the whole program.

The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox is currently accepting enrolments for April 2023.  Click here to join our waiting list to express your interest.


Do you have questions about if The Neurodivergent Family Toolbox is the right fit for you? 

Call or text Tanya on 0279248202 to arrange a friendly, FREE no-obligation chat.

Meet Tanya

Tanya Valentin is a Trauma-Informed and Neuro-Affirming Family Coach, NZ Registered Teacher, Lecturer (Te Pukenga – Early Childhood Education and Care), Author and Podcaster.

Tanya is a Neurodivergent person and a proud Mama of 3 Neurodivergent humans. She works to support, educate and foster inclusion, acceptance and positive life outcomes for all neurodivergent children, teenagers and adults in all her areas of life.

Tanya lives with her family in beautiful Northland, New Zealand. She has authored several books and blogs and co-hosts the Seen Heard Accepted Podcast with her family. She is the founder of the Neurodivergent Family Toolbox and the Parenting Neurodivergent Kids Together Community and podcast.

Tanya is committed to making a difference in the world by supporting parents with practical tools and strategies to help them understand their child and their unique wiring, feel confident in their parenting and nurture strong connections between themselves and their children.

Tanya Valentin