Will My Midlife Spiritual Awakening Cost Me My Marriage?

Do you feel stuck in a life that is ‘fine’ but doesn’t feel like your life anymore? Does this cause you to feel depressed, overwhelmed and confused? It could be that you are delaying making important changes in your life because you are scared that it may end your marriage.

Many midlife women delay making important changes in their lives because they are worried that it will mean the end of the relationship that they have with their significant other. This is especially true for women who are in long-term relationships. Read more…

How to reconnect with your intuition - The Wise Woman Archetype

How To Reconnect With Your Intuition – The Wise Woman Archetype

Many midlife women feel disconnected from their intuition. They don’t feel that they have an intuition, or that they cannot trust their intuition.

When we live our lives from this belief it can lead us to look outside of ourselves for answers. This in turn means that we repeat the same thoughts, damaging self-talk and behaviour patterns again and again. This cycle of beliefs, thoughts, self-talk and behaviour leads us to an experience of stuckness.

You may be reading this now because you are feeling disconnected from yourself. Or you may have experienced this cycle in your life and would like to know how to change it.  Read more…

The Call of the Wild Woman Archetype

The Call Of The Untamed Wild Woman Archetype

A Wild Woman is a woman who has returned to herself and her true nature.

When a woman goes through menopause, her Wild Woman will call to her. She will call and call and not be silenced until she is heard.

If you are a Midlife Woman and you have heard her call, then read this blog to find out what to do when she calls. Read more…

My Great Big Midlife Unlearning Your Emotions

Unlearning Lesson One – Your Agreements

In our lives we all make unconscious agreements with ourselves, others and life about who we are and what we are capable of. This process of “agreement-making” starts from when we are very young and these agreements become the foundation from which we create our lives. Our agreements determine the actions or inaction that we will take, the relationships we enter into and what we think we are capable of. Until we make these unconscious agreements conscious, we will continue to repeat the same behaviours over and over again in vain, hoping for a different result. Read more…

Tanya Valentin - Dear past self - I forgive you

Dear Past Self – I Forgive You…

One of the certainties that you will encounter as you work on healing yourself and move further and further outside of your comfort zone is that you will encounter your past self – A LOT!

Everyone of us has made mistakes and carry regrets.

However, we also have the choice between holding onto our shame and reliving our past mistakes – repeating familiar but damaging self-protective behaviour patterns or choosing to show ourselves love, kindness and compassion and practice self-forgiveness. Read more…

Tanya Valentin spiritual awakening

Is It A Midlife Crisis Or A Spiritual Awakening?

Many women go through a powerful change in their lives at Midlife. We may associate Midlife with menopause, hot flushes, hormones and the end of our periods. However there is a powerful spiritual change that happens for women during this stage of our lives that is often not spoken about.

When you hear the words “Spiritual Awakening” might conjure up images of Buddhist monks, psychics or Wicca. You may think that a spiritual awakening is reserved for a select group of people such as people who are devoutly religious. However, regardless of our religious beliefs, we are all capable of and do experience awakenings at various stages of our lives. Read more…

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