What is shadow work and how do you do it

What Is Shadow Work And How To Do It?

Although it sounds ominous and scary, our shadow is simply our blind spot. It can represent woundings, emotional baggage, or the ways that we self-sabotage and self-protect. Our shadow contains everything about ourselves that we cannot see about ourselves and things we don’t want to admit to having to others. Instead, we bury this part of us. Read more…

Tanya Valentin - Dear past self - I forgive you

Dear Past Self – I Forgive You…

One of the certainties that you will encounter as you work on healing yourself and move further and further outside of your comfort zone is that you will encounter your past self – A LOT!

Everyone of us has made mistakes and carry regrets.

However, we also have the choice between holding onto our shame and reliving our past mistakes – repeating familiar but damaging self-protective behaviour patterns or choosing to show ourselves love, kindness and compassion and practice self-forgiveness. Read more…

Moving From Confusion and Overwhelm to Self-Trust and Confidence

You know that you want more?
More purpose, meaning, more clarity, more enlightenment.  And so you are reading all the books, going to the webinars, workshops, coaching, studying religions… And you are just feeling more confused than ever!
My guest Adele Wang shares her story of moving from spiritual confusion and overwhelm to self-trust, attunement and confidence.  Read more…

Rachel Anne Ridge

Donkey Shaped Miracles with Rachel Anne Ridge

This chance encounter was the start of a beautiful spiritual journey for Rachel Anne Ridge, who decided to take a leap of faith and follow the path that had been laid out before her.  Through the mirror that was her relationship with Flash, Rachel started to develop her relationship with herself through a new perspective.  This lead to a career as an author of several books, a thriving career as an artist and a calling to coach other creative people to lead a life of purpose and joy. Read more…

Why Rest Is An Important Part Of Personal Growth

In the past, I have resisted taking a break. However, I have worried that if I stopped for a break then I would lose momentum and all my hard work would be lost. There always seems like there is more to do and my list can sometimes feel endless! However, my inner Wise Woman self reminded me this year, that rest is part of growth. Rest is part of healing our wounded selves. Read more…

How To Overcome Toxic Self-Criticism

In the past that I have suffered from toxic self-criticism. Toxic self-criticism is when how we judge ourselves becomes extremely harmful to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

In this blog, I guide you (and myself – this is constant work ) with ways to overcome toxic self-criticism. I will explore the Shadow Archetypes which influence us to judge ourselves so harshly. I will also support you with ways to rebalance the influence of these Shadow Archetypes with life-enriching qualities of other Feminine Archetypes.
 Read more…

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