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Supporting Autistic and ADHD Girls in Early Childhood

Supporting Autistic and ADHD Girls in Early Childhood

June 19, 2023 @ 20:30 22:00 UTC+13

Autism and ADHD affect girls at the same rate as boys.  

However, boys, historically are four times more likely to be identified as being Autistic or having ADHD than girls.  This means that many Autistic or ADHD girls are left to navigate the education system and peer relationships without the support that they need and are often only recognised as being Neurodivergent as teenagers or young adults when they are showing obvious signs of mental health distress.

Research has shown that when Neurodivergent girls are recognised and supported in a neuro-affirming way from a young age this results in positive outcomes for their overall well-being.

Identifying and supporting young Autistic or ADHD girls can be tricky for educators as girls don’t often fit the stereotype of what we have led to believe that Autism or ADHD ‘look’ like.  Girls are also more likely to mask to fit in socially or internalise their Autism or ADHD.

In This 90-minute Masterclass for Educators and Parents of Early Childhood Aged Girls, We Will Explore:

  • What Neurodiversity, ADHD and Autism are.
  • Why identifying and supporting Autistic and ADHD girls in early childhood is important for their long-term well-being.
  • Some of the common Autism and ADHD traits in early childhood-aged girls.
  • What melt-downs and shut-downs are and how to respond to these in a neuro-affirming way.
  • How parents and educators can work in partnership to create a supportive and neuro-affirming early childhood environment.

Suitable for all parents and educators of children 0-5 years.

Move through the session interactively or watch the recording afterwards as provided.

A Completion Certificate is provided to participants of the Masterclass.

Cost $55 NZD or Pay What You Can as part of our Ethical Pricing Offer.

Tanya Valentin

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$55.00 or Pay What You Can with our Ethical Pricing Offer