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Understanding RSD – Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

August 28, 2023 @ 20:30 22:00 UTC+13

RSD or Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria is a common co-occurring condition that affects Autistics and ADHDers.  

RSD is more than just a fear of rejection. RSD describes the sudden and intense feelings in response to perceived (or actual) rejection or criticism in some people with ADHD.

Due to the intensity of our neurobiology as Autistics and ADHDers rejection can cause an extreme and painful reaction in our bodies.

As parents, RSD can affect us in two ways.  

  • First of all, if we are neurodivergent ourselves (like so many of us are) we can experience the normal behaviours of our children and teenagers as extreme rejections which can make parenting extremely painful.
  • And secondly, if we are parents of Autistic and or ADHD children they are more likely to experience intense feelings of rejection from their interactions with us as parents, family members, teachers and peers.

In this 90-minute Masterclass, we will be exploring:

In this 90-minute Masterclass, we will be exploring:

  • What RSD really is and the reasons behind it.
  • Ways that we can support ourselves if we struggle with RSD as parents.
  • Ways to support our children with their RSD.
  • Ways to encourage more RRE (Recognition Responsive Euphoria) the flipside to RSD in our home environments.

Suitable for all parents and educators of Autistic or ADHD children and teenagers.

Move through the session interactively or watch the recording afterwards as provided.

A Completion Certificate is provided to participants of the Masterclass.

Cost $55 NZD or Pay What You Can as part of our Ethical Pricing Offer.

Tanya Valentin

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