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Questions to Myself

We spend so many years trash-talking ourselves and so this is one way that I can intentionally work on building my trust in the most important relationship I have in my life.  The relationship that I have with myself! Earlier this week when I was out walking I thought, “If I would interview myself, what would I ask myself?” and so the idea for this episode was born.  Read more…

When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains Podcast by Tanya Valentin

Episode 001 – Stories, Shame Monsters and Personal Legends

Everyone was born with a personal legend – their zone of genius, the thing that they were born to do.  And yet, many of us have forgotten what our personal legend is or have so many stories and so much shame wrapped around and interwoven with the pursuit of our personal legend.

In this episode, I explore why you may feel shame about pursuing your personal legend and how this shame may show up for you. Read more…


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