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Supporting Your Autistic And ADHD Tweens and Teens With Anxiety And Fears

Supporting Your Autistic And ADHD Tweens and Teens With Anxiety And Fears

November 6 @ 19:30 21:00 UTC+12

This time of the year can be an extremely stressful time of the year for our teens and tweens. 

Academically they may have assessments due or be writing exams.  They may be worried about how they will do and if they will meet the expectations of their parents or teachers.

They may be facing the social pressures of school formals or parties or be struggling because they are not being invited to or included in the social get-togethers that their peers are going to.

The end of the school year often means impending changes in classes, year levels in school or changing or finishing school which can be very unsettling for many neurodivergent tweens or teens.

All these demands can cause a lot of fear and anxiety for your children which can reduce their capacity to cope and can increase their meltdowns, and shutdowns and put them at greater risk for burnout.

In this 90-Minute Masterclass, we will be exploring:

  • How to support our tweens and teens with their emotions of anxiety and fear.
  • How to support our tweens and teens when they are in meltdown or shutdown.
  • What to do when our tweens and teens are in crisis.
  • How to support our tweens and teens when they are in burnout.

Suitable for all parents and educators of Autistic or ADHD tweens and teens (aged 10 years and older)

Move through the session interactively or watch the recording afterwards as provided.

A Completion Certificate is provided to participants of the Masterclass.

Cost $55 NZD or Pay What You Can as part of our Ethical Pricing Offer.

Tanya Valentin

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